Time Loop

Artwork representing time as an infinite loop

Time is infinite. This piece explores time and infinity in physical and digital spaces. In the piece, light and sound is picked up by a camera which turns it into digital data, then put back into light and sound by a TV.
This is transferred back to digital data by another camera, then back into light and sound by another TV, again and again, thousands of times per second, in an infinite loop.

It creates a similar effect to two mirrors facing each other – the image is bounced back and fourth and forms a tunnel of more mirrors, getting smaller and smaller to infinity, but in a digital context. This creates an ever more digitised and distorted version of the world, as the data is continuously transferred back and forth between light, sound, and digital signal.

The sound you hear is the image itself. These old monitors work by firing electrons to the screen at different frequencies for different colours, causing a slight humm. As the cameras pick up these different pitched humms, they get louder and begin to change pitch, creating harmonies and dissonances. Light, sound and data are all manifestations of the world the cameras see, and the world we inhabit.